Yeah no shit, he was using wget

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fake hermes belt vs real Using a car just makes it more exciting, and there is value in that marketing also. Although it appears wasteful and stupid, the stunt really was neither.Differently 53 points submitted 6 days agoHe scraped social insurance numbers using wget? Oh my god, if someone in charge of a government website thinks wget is l33t hacking, they should take a class or something.the youth never intended to scoop up people’s personal files or social insurance numbers, luxury replica bags and this was due to a lack of proper security safeguards on high quality replica bags the website.Yeah no shit, he was using wget. Charging a user with hacking related crimes for doing that is like if you were at the grocery store to buy vegetables and the cashier asked if you like to keep the bananas separate from the onions and you answered “just hermes bracelet replica put everything in one bag” and they started emptying the cash drawer and you got charged with robbery. fake hermes belt vs real

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