The idea of having needles and drills put into your mouth

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cheap hermes belt Unless you’re one of those fitness fanatics, or people who like pain, the idea of running for half an hour might seem daunting. The idea of having needles and drills put into your mouth might be off putting. Might be? Okay, definitely!. This needs to involve more than simply narrowing people’s options in order to try to ‘force’ them to use public transport.I believe that implementing priority bus measures would ensure we can maintain an efficient and reliable service, which would then naturally become more attractive to potential users. All main arterial roads, including Hills Road and Milton Road, need to have priority in terms of lanes with sufficient space for the buses to pass, and traffic light signalling that gives the bus priority. This becomes even more urgent if a peak time congestion charge is to be reconsidered for Cambridge.Congestion charge vs peak time road closuresCongestion charging and the potential for road closures have proved unpopular with residentsA congestion charge would certainly be my preference over the much discussed peak time road closures cheap hermes belt.