Not saying that a new financial crisis can happen

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First, you allow the customer to express what they are looking for in their own words. Second, you let the customer feel they’re in control of the process. Third, and best of all, because the customer feels powerful, they will become less defensive and more willing to share with you their true needs.

If you’re going to be a traditionalist then the drink to accompany your bacon ‘n eggs has to be tea. With milk and optional sugar. Juice is fine too. If he had a mulligan at life, Sanjeev Aggarwal of Helion probably would have not sold Daksh in the mid 2000s but kept it alive till now to cash out in a bigger and better deal. But then he may not have had all the reflected glory today for being a successful BPO man and may never have followed his dream to become an entrepreneur. As golf teaches you, things don’t turn out the way you’d like them all the time.

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