”Thus, the Muslims came into contact with other political

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replica handbags online This is an argument the other segments of Muslims, who form the bulk designer replica luggage of the community, don’t seem to buy much. Why?Because, in India’s electoral history, there is hardly any non Congress political formation which did not align, directly or indirectly, with the BJP’s parent, the Bharatiya Jan Sangh or the BJP at one or the other point of time!Against this backdrop, therefore, it would be apt to have a look at UP’s political history.About the Muslims of UP, it is understood that compared to most other provinces, they have relatively higher economic standards, more widespread education and greater political articulation.They have always played a leading role in the political life of Indian Muslims.With this self consciousness, after India’s independence in 1947, it was on August 8 9, 1964 in Lucknow when the first attempt was made to form a pressure group (not a political party) of Muslims to take the community out of its slumber and frustrations in the wake of the communal violence of the early 1960s.Various ideologically incompatible groups of Muslims got together to form the Muslim Majlis e Mashawarat. It played a considerable best replica bags role in ‘politicising Muslim electorates, in acquainting them with some of the fundamental political issues involved, 7a replica bags wholesale and in detouring them from their support for the ruling Congress.”Thus, the Muslims came into contact with other political leaders and parties and actively worked for their success.’Dr Mohammad Abdul Jalil Faridi was among the most prominent politicians in this exercise, who from the platform of the Mushawarat, articulated and asserted the issues concerning the Muslims in replica bags the general election of 1967.Though Dr Faridi soon split away from the Mushawarat and formed the Muslim Majlis in 1968, in 1969 it elected its lone MLA, replica designer bags wholesale Habib Ahmad, from Allahabad.Dr Faridi’s prot Mohammad Ilyas Azmi articulated his political vision in an Urdu booklet, Musalmanon Ki Siyasat: Zakhm aur Ilaj (Muslim Politics: The Wounds/Ailments, and its Cure, June 1995).Though inspired by Allama Iqbal and Maulana Maududi, Ilyas Azmi played a vital role in advocating electoral unity (not much for unity on the social front) between the Muslims, Dalits and Backwards, with an unambiguous anti Congress ism.In his anti Brahmin rhetoric, however, the intra community subordination of the communities of Muslims is conspicuously missing in the booklet.Ilyas Azmi is said to have often charted out his own independent courses of politics on many issues.For instance, when the Muslims were sceptical about the Jayaprakash Narayan movement of 1974 because of its affiliation with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak replica designer backpacks Sangh, it was Azmi who advocated supporting JP’s movement replica handbags online.