CHS is well documented and has been reviewed by Wallace et

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Eisenhower!!” that kinda thing. Very poetic nomenclature. But Kennedy was a nightmare,. The lists generated by the New Yorker and Granta are interesting as much for what they reveal about a country fiction as about the concerns of a writing generation. There is no similarly defining issue over here. Alex Clark, one of the judges of the 2003 Granta list, has described that year selection as a mixture of established and unproven talent.

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The biggest haul was at Dargah Valasai. Peace in this seaside hamlet, about designer replica luggage 20km from Rameswaram, was shattered by the discovery of 88 AK 47 guns and 64 9mm pistols that appeared on the shore one morning in 1990. Police believe Tamil militants deposited the arms at night before fleeing to Sri Lanka.

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