My luck, on the other hand, was impeccable: The American

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Samantha first noticed things weren’t quite right when Ben was three months old. Her years as a nanny made her sensitive to the expected behaviors of infants, and her son was acting in unexpected ways. Instead of playing, he would concentrate with an intense focus on his toys, like watching the wheels of his overturned trucks as they spun around and around.

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Judge your marriage by the totality of it and not by one slice in a long history. Marriage is dynamic and adaptable. People grow and change, circumstances alter and consequently, a marriages lasts when people are flexible and find ways to adjust to new situations.

My timing wasn’t perfect the last time I showed up at Rose’s. My luck, on the other hand, was impeccable: The American themed Garrison had just opened down the street, replacing Tash, a Middle Eastern restaurant, on Barracks Row. And there were seats open.

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