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Paragon is improving quality manufacturing processes through on-site inspection, sorting, containment, quality management, and staffing services.

Zero Defects

Inspection & Sorting

Paragon offers third-Party Sorting Inspection that is effective, efficient, and timely.  Our people, technology, and systems help you to eliminate defects, containment, and recalls.  Discover how we can impact your bottom line and help drive success.

Timely, Accurate, & Cost Effective

Containment & Rework

Paragon provides containment and rework services worldwide. Whether our team is deployed at your location or one of our many North American facilities, we are ready to meet your immediate and specific needs to ensure zero PPM.

People are the Key


Our specialized recruiters coupled with our proprietary database of qualified job seekers allows Paragon to respond rapidly while meeting your project schedules and budget. Whether it’s general laborers, assemblers, skilled trades specialists, light technical tradesmen, or supervisors, Paragon can find the best people for the job.

We Guarantee to

Outperform Your Existing

Services Within 3 Months.


Contact us now and we'll conduct an audit of your sorting and containment needs and provide you with a custom strategy that we'll use to boost your performance in the next 90 days.

The differences that we’ve seen with Paragon verses other inspection companies is the work instructions are meticulously reviewed by the Paragon staff. The inspectors are well mannered, focused, and adhere to policies and work instructions. Lastly, inspection results are quickly provided with easy access to statistical data and invoices. I would recommend Paragon to any company in need of quality containment and certification. Their initiative and professionalism sets them apart.

Jack HQuality Manager

We have been more impressed with Paragon than any other quality inspection group. Paragon is self-managed with constant management and supervision in place to ensure customer satisfaction with everything. All of their inspectors are uniformed with black pants, black polo shirts and dress extremely professional. Their web based portal is extremely well defined with data per shift; we do not have to ask for data or reports because all data is sent at the end of each shift and is consistent with their findings. I would recommend Preferred Precision Group to any automotive supplier in the need of a professional, data driven third-party Inspection Company.

Billy B. Quality Assurance Sr. Manager

The level of professionalism and detailed information provided by Paragon’s reports and portal during the sorting process answered every question we had about their activities and findings. Also, the commitment by Paragon into training is beyond reproach. Personally, I can recommend Paragon to any firm that is in the market for quality containment and certification services.

James M. Quality Manager

The steps that Paragon takes to ensure their employees’ understanding of the issues and the steps to be taken are exceptional. Each employee receives training and the training is documented to ensure full understanding and accountability. I have employed several third-party sorting/containment companies over the years; never have I seen such a commitment to customer service as that of Paragon. Personally and professionally, my recommendation for any supplier that requires the services of third-party containment would be Paragon.

Donna M. Quality Manager

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